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Hi I'm Lee Dart and I want to be Everett's next city council member.

Okay, first answer. I used this photo 'cause I like it. I could have staged a photo surrounded by citizens nodding or been pointing at something or standing on a local Everett landmark. That's not me. This is from last year's Shakaroo to benefit the Everett Animal Shelter. I was a sponsor for all five years of the event and enjoyed it greatly so as I was looking for photos to use, this one jumped out. I frankly don't like many photos of me but I like this.

Moving on...I hope you'll take a look around the website and find something you like. I'm an Everett guy who has lived here nearly all of my life. I currently reside in central Everett just behind Value Village off Evergreen Way.

I am the editor, publisher, reporter, photographer, etc. of It's a daily website that provides breaking news and information about Everett, WA. I've been running it since January of 2011. You can learn a bit more on my background on the "About Lee" page.

My major concern in Everett is public safety. People tell me they don't feel safe in Everett. For the last two years the Everett Police Department has been understaffed between 15 - 20 positions. The fire department is also dealing with outdated equipment, facilities and is suffering from low morale. The latest Fire Chief resigned just 4 months after being appointed. 

Another big concern for me is Everett's long-term budget deficit. There are significant gaps between expenses and revenue over the next five years. We're going to have to re-evaluate our priorities and decide what the best use is for the limited money we have.

There seem to be two Everetts. The north end and the south end divided at 41st street. The majority of elected leaders live in the north. While I live in the southern half of the city I agree with those who would like to see city council members elected by districts. I support the proposed people’s initiative to have 5 council districts and 2 at-large members on the Everett City Council.

I'd also like to see Everett adopt term limits for Mayor and City Council. It seems to work well for Snohomish County Executive and County Council. I think three 4-year terms should be the limit. 12 years is long enough and by adopting the term limits it may spur people to get into a race knowing that it is an open seat and the incumbent can't run a fourth time.

Everett operates under a "strong mayor" system where the administration makes policy decisions and the city council has budget approval. We are in changing times and will have our first new Mayor in more than 14 years. I'm excited to be part of these changes and hope after looking over the website you'll assist me in making Everett a better place to live, work and play.

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