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            About Leland "Lee" Dart

Lee Dart lives in central Everett and attended Madison Elementary, Evergreen Middle School and Cascade High. He’s a long time Everett radio news reporter and served as the manager of the 2010 Census office based in Everett responsible for more than 2000 field employees and 150 office staff.

Since 2011 Lee Dart has been the publisher of, a hyper-local website focusing on breaking news and important events in Everett, Washington.

“I’ve served Everett in many ways over the past four decades but I’ve never tried elected office,” said Dart. “I’d like to try and see what I can accomplish on the other of the council chambers.”

Lee Dart says his primary focus is on public safety and making sure that Everett’s police and firefighters have both the staffing and the tools to do their jobs effectively.

“People tell me they don’t feel safe in Everett,” said Dart.

The city’s ongoing structural deficit is also a major concern to Dart as expenses continue to outpace revenues over the long term.

The race for Everett City Council is non-partisan and so is Lee Dart. "I'd like to consider myself independent," said Dart. "I've been endorsed by both union and non-union supporters. I really do like to weigh each issue independently and and can't consider myself liberal, conservative, progressive or whatever ever box people would prefer I check. I'm a blue collar working guy who has lived my life in Everett and want to do what is best for the city. To me, all of Everett Matters."

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